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    NEET-MDS Aspirants Approach Supreme Court Again Saying Union Hasn’t Decided On Postponing NEET-MDS 2024 Exam.
    By  admin  •  March 8, 2024

    In a significant development, NEET-MDS 2024 aspirants have once again approached the Supreme Court of India, requesting the postponement of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Masters of Dental Surgery (NEET-MDS) scheduled for March 18, 2024. The plea comes amidst growing concerns over the Union Government’s delay in addressing the aspirants’ grievances regarding the examination date and the extension of the internship completion cut-off date.

    Despite the Supreme Court’s directive on February 21, 2024, instructing the Union to decide on the matter within a week, the applicants argue that there has been no response to their requests. This lack of action prompted the filing of a Miscellaneous Application (MA), seeking to restore the writ petition previously disposed of by the Court based on the Union’s assurances.

    The NEET-MDS exam is a critical gateway for dental graduates aiming to pursue postgraduate studies. Currently, eligibility to sit for the exam is contingent upon completing internships on or before March 31, 2024. However, the petitioners argue that this deadline is unfeasible for a significant portion of candidates due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting their internship schedules.

    The application filed by the aspirants sheds light on the Union’s perceived inaction, despite multiple emails and representations submitted by dental students detailing their grievances and reiterating their request for postponement and an extension of the eligibility cut-off date. The silence from the respondents has amplified the uncertainty and anxiety among thousands of candidates nationwide.

    In their plea to the Supreme Court, the petitioners have made several requests. They are seeking an order to restore the writ petition and for the Union to comply with the Court’s order from February 21, 2024. Moreover, they are urging for the NEET-MDS 2024 exams to be rescheduled to ensure parity with the common counselling for NEET PG and NEET MDS. They also request an extension of the eligibility cut-off date after consulting with universities offering MDS courses across India and in line with the existing policy for conducting entrance exams and common counselling for both NEET PG and MDS.

    A crucial aspect of the application is the emphasis on the discriminatory nature of the current eligibility cut-off date. It is estimated that around 40% of the 2018 BDS batch interns will not complete their internships by March 31, 2024. This situation places approximately 8,000 students from various states, including Kerala, Orissa, MP, UP, J&K, AP, and Rajasthan, at risk of being excluded from the examination.

    The application highlights the overlapping challenges faced by both BDS and MBBS students during the COVID-19 pandemic, including delays in yearly examinations and training. It argues for a uniform approach to the cut-off dates, noting the unfairness in extending the cut-off date to August 15, 2024, for MBBS interns while neglecting BDS students.

    As the Supreme Court deliberates on this matter, the dental student community across India is eagerly awaiting a decision that could significantly impact their future. The call for a fair and equitable resolution underscores the broader challenges faced by the education sector in adapting to the aftermath of the pandemic, emphasizing the need for policies that reflect the realities of students’ experiences.

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